We were delighted to read The Telegraph’s article ‘Mayflower Madness Countrywide’ on Saturday. In light of the uncertainty around Coronavirus, those wishing to holiday in the UK are spoilt for choice in the Mayflower 400 anniversary year, and we are excited to be opening up Master Christopher Jones’ house to staycationing tourists.

Mayflower Madness Countrywide
Four hundred years ago, on Sept 20, 1620, a converted wine ship named the Mayflower left England for modern-day Massachusetts, with a cargo of religious separatists.
It was captained by Essex-born Christopher Jones and its arrival on the east coast of the New World would change the course of America’s history and have a profound impact on the indigenous population.
All four nations involved, the UK, the United States, the Netherlands and the Wampanoag Nation, will be staging events throughout the year. In Britain, this involves 11 different locations and includes the opening of Jones’ house in Harwich; the Southampton Mayflower Maritime Festival (Aug 14-16); the Mayflower Muster in Plymouth, involving British, US and Dutch navies (Sept 19-20); and Wampum: Stories and Shells from Native America, a touring exhibition (April 3-Oct 20) that gives the other side of the story, featuring tales of the descendants…