Sailing & Shipping

Harwich boasts sailing clubs with a rich history going decades.

These include Harwich Town Sailing Club and Harwich & Dovercourt Sailing Club. The Harwich Town Sailing Club was formed and it started accepting members in February 1961 and the latter in 1927.

The oldest known club is the Royal Harwich Yacht Club formed in 1843, but is no longer situated in Harwich. Key to the Harwich area Harwich & Dovercourt Sailing Club was formed and always focused on providing affordable sailing to local people and visitors starting off with the dinghy.

One hundred and fifty years on from the inauguration of the Club at the 1843 Regatta Dinner, the Royal Harwich Yacht Club is proud and honoured to have His Royal Highness as its patron, and pledges its continued allegiance and loyalty to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip.

Looking back at the wider history of shipping, the peninsula of Harwich has long been a vital trade point. Its unique position at the mouths of both the Stour and Orwell estuaries, coupled with its location close to the continent, made it an ideal place for travel.

And, as the only safe anchorage between the Thames and Humber, the town thrived as a port.

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