Businesses and attractions around Harwich and Dovercourt are being encouraged to be a part of a new guide for the area.

Harwich and Dovercourt Bay tourism group is producing a visitors’ guide for 2019 – and the copy deadline is looming!

The Guide aims to include all the key tourism attractions and businesses in Harwich and Dovercourt Bay, and highlight what’s available to visitors looking for food and drink, accommodation, heritage, family and other activities and how to get the best out of the area, whether on a day trip or a longer holiday.

Features on tourism attractions and businesses will be supplemented by articles on the maritime history, getting around, and the estuarine environment. Copies will be free to visitors, and also available online via the Historic Harwich website

Paul Milsom, chairman of the Harwich and Dovercourt Bay tourism group, said it was important that as many people as possible got involved.

“We know what a hidden gem Harwich and Dovercourt Bay is and just how much it has to offer, but if we want to continue to build thriving and successful towns then we need to be better at sharing how great it is with the wider world,” he said.

“This guide will encourage visitors to the area to not just visit one or two things, but open their minds to explore so much more – whether it is our great shops, dining at our restaurants and cafes, or taking time to enjoy the seafront, not to mention our rich history.”

Those who would like to be featured in the brand new, upmarket, magazine-style guide to Harwich and Dovercourt Bay should contact Cathy Shelbourne, the Editor, now to discuss the packages available at [email protected] or on 07764 212451.