If you like a peaceful seafront location with shelving sandy beaches then Dovercourt Bay is ideal.The beach holds a Blue Flag for excellence, an award that has held for many years. The beach offers a wide range of family activities along the promenade including an impressive range of sport and leisure facilities, but it’s the golden sand that is always a highlight for visitors.


An aerial view of Dovercourt Bay.

Dovercourt Bay is home to two cast iron lighthouses, the High and the Low lighthouses – one on the beach and one off shore; they were in daily use until 1917 and restored in the 1980s. When standing on the high promenade above the beach, there are superb panoramic views over a wide expanse of the North Sea and neighbouring Felixstowe point.


Dovercourt bay beach has views of Felixtowe and the Naze Tower in Walton in the distance

Harwich Beach is located on the confluence of the Stour and Orwell estuaries and offers an ever changing seascapes of boats and ships going into both Harwich and Felixstowe ports. The beach is a rare example of an emerging dune system in Essex, where the coast is predominately saltmarsh. This beach is good for walking, swimming and exploring the many historic attractions nearby such as the Treadwheel Crane.


Ha’Penny Pier at harwich, with free entry and a cafĂ©, it’s popular with visitors and sea fishermen alike.